Starting to plan a Wedding

by Sarah Terry

Planning wedding can become a huge task. Keeping it simple will limit the time, money and stress involved in planning that perfect day. Begin by initially establishing a budget, proposed timing schedule for your day, a theme and list of potential suppliers and venues.

To begin to put together your budget you must first have an idea of what you want your wedding to be, 10 guests at a sunrise brunch on a beach will cost a lot less than 200 guests in a marquee. Set a total figure, take off 10 - 15% then use this figure to plan your wedding. This allows a buffer for unexpected costs. A consultation with a local experienced wedding coordinator will be a cost and time efficient way of establishing an initial budget and knowing what you should be paying for certain services.

Timing schedules feel near on impossible right at the beginning of planning, however they are vital to the perfect flow of your day. You must first decide what time you want to be married, e.g. sunrise cliff-top ceremony, a classic 3pm church wedding, a 7pm pre-cocktail party ceremony. From this point you can decide which venues will be appropriate to your requirements. It is also important at this time to consider the date for your wedding, winter dates will provide you will a vast range of suppliers and venues to choose from and a Sunday - Friday wedding will often be cheaper than those on a Saturday.

A theme makes planning any wedding easier. Instead of being overwhelmed by hundreds of potential cakes, only a handful will be appropriate to your specific requirements A theme can be a s simple as a colour, a type of flower, a symbol or a s extravagant as a masquerade ball or Hawaii Luau. Use the theme from the venue, to the stationery, flowers, cake, attire and through as many other aspects of your wedding as possible. This will provide a flow to your day and limit the amount of research required in your planning.

Finding great suppliers can prove to be difficult, especially in rural areas. Wedding magazines and the internet are a great source of information, and also many great contacts and suppliers will be found via word of mouth so ask around who other couples have used. Always ask to see previous work and a range of references.

  • Keeping it simple
  • Decide on your theme or concept
  • Establish a budget - and guest numbers
  • Proposed timing schedule - ensure flow on the day
  • Potential suppliers and venues.
  • Allow a 10% buffer for unexpected costs
  • Sunday - Friday weddings will often be cheaper
  • Carry the theme through all the aspects of your wedding
  • Wedding magazines, the internet and word of mouth are a great source of information
  • View previous work and references if required

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