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  1. Is this going to be a surprise, or will your parents be in on the party planning? If this special day is going to be given as a surprise party then it is very important to gather family members for a meeting. Plan carefully so you can set up the surprise without Mom & Dad finding out and make sure that they don't have some hidden agenda or trip planned that you don't know about.
  2. Select the date you'd prefer and begin contacting their friends. Make sure that you borrow your parent's phone book well in advance so they don't suspect you're planning anything. You'll have to be a little sneaky because parents have a way of always knowing what the kids are up to, no matter how old you are! Once you know that all of the important invitees can attend and that your family and extended families are available then you can safely lock in the date.
  3. Plan the theme or style of the party. How many years have they been married? There are many articles written about wedding anniversaries. Check the Internet for more suggestions or find books on the subject if you need more information about Silver, Golden and Diamond wedding anniversaries and their traditions. Are your parents formal or casual? Do they enjoy being the center of attention or are they shy and reserved? These are important things to consider, after all it's their day, and you want them to look and act their best. Don't embarrass them too much or they'll feel uncomfortable.
  4. What kind of health are they both in? Can they dance? Do they prefer to sit and visit with friends and family or do they go to weekly dances and kick up their heels? Plan according to their personalities.
  5. If you're planning this with your family then everyone needs to be assigned a task. Divide the work up and ask each person to check on various vendors. You'll need to hire the same vendors you would look for if you're planning a wedding reception. Wedding anniversaries are very much the same and have the same feeling about them. When the research is complete have a family meeting and ask everyone to offer their information. Establish a budget, determine how much your group can afford to spend and begin interviewing professionals.
  6. If you're selecting a band or DJ for the wedding anniversary party make sure you discuss the styles of music you prefer. The entertainer or group should be mature and have a good understanding of the music from your parents' generation. This is not a job for a young DJ or band. It takes quite a few years to accumulate a working knowledge of music and older styles of music are not played much any more, or requested. If the performer is too young they won't have a clue what to play or what's expected. Do they know what a fox trot is? How about the Lindy Hop? Do they have a traditional cha cha like Tea for Two? Many performers will have the most common requests like Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Glenn Miller. However, if your parents or their guests start feeling nostalgic they'll probably begin throwing curve balls at the entertainer and requesting more obscure songs.

    This decision is very important for the success of your party. Make sure the band or DJ has a lot of music from the time when your parents were in high school and college. Volume, volume, volume. The music cannot be too loud. Many seniors have hearing aids and the noise drives them crazy at parties. Variety, sensitivity, and class are important characteristics to consider when choosing the entertainment.

  7. Photographers, bakeries, florists, and decorators should also keep in mind that this event is for a more mature crowd. Choose people who work well with all age ranges and select decorations, foods, a cake and flowers that enhance the theme.
  8. Will your parents want to renew their vows? Have they joked about it, or discussed it? Maybe you can surprise them by having a minister, judge, or rabbi there. What a terrific opportunity, in front of their family and best friends, to be able to share those precious moments of eternal commitment.
  9. Surprise them with a special vacation, anniversary styled honeymoon, or a trip around town for dinner. Give them show tickets or a limousine ride with champagne. There are many endless ideas that can be put to use when celebrating rites of passage. Get creative and have fun. You'll be glad you gave your parents a special moment in time they'll cherish forever.

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