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Birthdays are both loved and hated, welcomed and feared--it just depends on your age and gender. But one thing for certain, we keep on having them, relentlessly. So, make the best of them! Here's a few tips for planning ANOTHER one!

1) Enjoy the planning.

2) If it is for a child there are definite cut-off ages to consider when it comes to what is appropriate for decorations, themes, and entertainment.

3) Think about entertainment, such as - clowns, magician, mobile petting zoo, puppeteers, ventriloquists, balloon twisters, or bubblemakers.

4) It might help if you decide if your objective is to embarrass your birthday recipient, sincerely honor, poke fun at with a "roast", or express your love. This will also have a bearing on who and how many are invited to the party.

5) Once you've decided these you will be better prepared to choose the venue --at home, or a reception centre, restaurant, or unique location.

6) If you are planning an outside event for ease of cleanup, for instance, don't take chances with the weather. Be prepared to either bring the party indoors, or just plan on a tent or good rainproof canopy.

7) By choosing a specific theme you usually simplify, not complicate, the choice of decorations, costuming if desired, cake decoration, food, and party favors. Nothing inspires the fun of party planning more than deciding on a cool theme appropriate to the birthday person.

8) You'll find a lot of themes listed all over the Internet.

9) The most popular themes revolve around a recent era in music or popular culture, a cartoon or animated character, a well known movie or cult television show, a country or city, a sport or sporting event, or a popular entertainer to the bizarre. Let your imagination run wild!

10) Remember, if you are planning to embarrass your birthday girl or guy, take it easy, resist the temptation to go overboard and make them regret the day they were born!

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